Shuttlerock Launches New App To Help Digital Marketers Generate Fast, Authentic Visual Content

Shuttlerock Launches New App To Help Digital Marketers Generate Fast, Authentic Visual Content

Shuttlerock today launched the latest version of its visual content management platform to the Australian market. The platform enables digital marketers to source and use fully-consented photos and videos from trusted advocates, such as employees, partners and customers, via a content creation app.

The Shuttlerock app and platform was created in response to demand from organisations for a better way to generate greater amounts of timely, relevant and authentic visual content to use across their marketing channels, in particular web, mobile and social media.

“More than ever before, it is important for brands to tell their stories visually,” said Emma Lamb business development manager, Shuttlerock Australia. “Today’s consumers want information fast, and studies show that visuals register in the brain 60,000 times faster than text.

“However, consumers are so inundated with content, they are increasingly picky about the type of visuals – they must be current and share an experience that resonates in some way. This is why Shuttlerock built this addition onto its enterprise platform – to help digital marketers create real-time, authentic visual content that can be used on a larger scale.”

In less than five years, Shuttlerock has grown from a New Zealand start up to a global company with offices in the US, Japan and Australia. Some of the world’s leading brands have used the platform to crowdsource visual content to tell their story, including Lady Gaga, Walmart, Reebok, Bose, Pepsi, Honda, Ikea, Volkswagen and Subway.

The latest version of the platform takes the concept one step further by empowering trusted brand ambassadors – employees, partners and customers – to upload images via an easy-to-use app. This provides organisations with greater control over the subject and quality of content, creating a
fully-consented visual library.

“The people behind the brand, are the brand – that is real authenticity,” said Lamb. “Employees have the unique ability to generate fresh, quality content that harnesses relevant conversations around an organisation’s brand.

“By allowing internal teams to upload, share and view each other’s content within the private company app, organisations can also use the app as a tool to improve company culture and engagement.”

Staff, advocates and customers alike can endorse, comment and amplify this content from within their communities. Meanwhile, managers can digitally redisplay the content in others ways, such as creating product specific content streams on their website, digital displays, social channels or in advertising in real time.

Shuttlerock also allows marketers to analyse the effectiveness of their content strategy by measuring reach, user engagement and call to action responses, as well as identify influencers and trending hashtags. Furthermore, Shuttlerock integrates with standard customer management systems, social channels, email and e-commerce platforms so that content can be shared across all owned, earned and paid channels.

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