Shopper Media Study Finds QR Codes Are Helping Brands Get Closer To Customers

Shopper Media Study Finds QR Codes Are Helping Brands Get Closer To Customers

A recent study conducted by Shopper Media has revealed that QR codes are an effective way to more deeply connect brands with consumers.

The emergence of COVID-19 has changed consumer behaviour, with QR code use becoming habitual in our day-to-day lives.

The study revealed that 8 in 10 consumers have been using QR codes regularly, compared with a few years ago.

Brands are now taking advantage of the versatility that QR codes, offer in accelerating a call to action. With the ability to personalise experiences by location or audience interests, activations such as:  in-store promotions, sign-ups, product reviews and tutorials allow brands to better connect with consumers through additional touchpoints and experiences.

Karissa Fletcher, Shopper Media’s head of marketing, said: “Marketers are increasingly integrating QR codes, allowing customers to deepen their understanding of the brand’s offering or explore products and services through virtual and AI experiences.

“More than half of consumers (55 per cent), have scanned a QR code within an advertisement or promotion in the last four weeks, (not related to COVID-safe check-ins).

“With consumers now comfortable scanning QR codes, there are increasing opportunities for cross-channel interactions throughout the shopping journey. QR codes can elevate retail campaigns with innovative Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, making the brand experience more tangible beyond the purchase event,

“Beyond the novelty of scanning a QR code, the impact to brand salience can be significant. Over half of consumers (55 per cent), are likely to scan a QR code displayed on shopping centre advertising when it is for a brand they like, and 75 per cent say that QR codes are a useful way to get more information about a product or service.

“This study highlights how brands can benefit from the immediacy of placing up-to-date product and pricing information in the hands of customers, increase customer leads and deepen engagement and brand loyalty while in a shopping environment.”

The Shopper Media study was conducted to analyse Australians’ uptake and behaviours towards QR codes. The survey was based on 2824 Australian consumers nationally.

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