Seven Dominates As OzTAM Releases First Video Player Measurement Reports

Seven Dominates As OzTAM Releases First Video Player Measurement Reports
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OzTAM today published its inaugural Video Player Measurement (VPM) Reports, providing Australia’s first official figures for viewing of internet-delivered TV content.

The daily launch stage reports encompass rolling seven-day data (i.e., cumulative on-demand, or ‘catch up’, viewing during the previous seven days).

Top online program rankings are based on ‘VPM Ratings’, the average number of devices that have played the content across a program’s duration.

VPM Ratings are calculated in a similar way to TV program average audiences, though for devices rather than people in OzTAM’s VPM Report.

Across all networks, Seven dominated the VPM ratings in the week to Sunday 14 February, with the shows that nabbed the most ‘catch up’ viewing included My Kitchen Rules, Home and Away and MollyThe only non-Seven show was Nine’s new sitcom Here Come The Habibs, which premiered last week and has since pulled 45,000 VPM ratings through internet catch ups.

Five of the top 10 episodes watched on devices other than the telly were Home and Away episodes, gathering up to 54,000 VPM ratings. My Kitchen Rules came in second spot overall, with Tuesday’s ep scoring 52,000 VPM ratings, as well as two other episodes making the top 10.

OzTAM’s CEO Doug Peiffer said, “OzTAM’s launch stage VPM Reports offer Australia’s first content level data on the catch up TV material Australians view on their connected devices.

“As is the case with time-shifted viewing, the most-watched catch up programs are often those with the biggest broadcast audiences, while others – notably dramas – can attract a significant portion of their total audience from catch up viewing.”

OzTAM’s VPM service is currently collecting approximately 15-23 million minutes of live and on-demand online content from participating broadcasters each day. This will increase as additional broadcaster video players are integrated with the service.

Australians view around 3.5 to four billion minutes of broadcast TV content through the television set over the same 24-hour period.

While the total number of collected minutes played is around one to two per cent of all TV content viewed, on-demand viewing can be a sizeable proportion of certain programs’ overall audiences.

Peiffer added the phase one VPM Report is a milestone in a two-year development program that will continue as OzTAM progressively enhances the system.

You can see the full VPM Report page here, along with guidelines to reading it.

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