Revealed: The Real Voice Behind Siri

Revealed: The Real Voice Behind Siri

For the third consecutive year, TEDxSydney selected creative agency BMF to produce a film for its 2018 film program under the theme ‘Humankind’.

The film, which premiered on Friday in front of 5000 people at TEDx Sydney, unmasks the real genius behind Apple’s personal assistant Siri.

Meet Sara 3

“Siri is an amazing invention. You can ask her anything. But who does Siri ask questions to?”

“Our film tracks down Siri’s sister who was born with a lightning quick brain, but a shitty voice,” explained BMF creative Millicent Malcolm.

“Siri has never sat quite right with me. She’s always been a bit…off. So when I learned she was, in fact, a fraud it all made obvious sense.”

Meet Sara 1

Director James Dive added, “I fell instantly for the script and the plight of Sara, her sister, who is built of brains and heart. Her struggle resonated. It is a film for all the Sara’s.”

The full TEDxSydney short film program can be viewed in the recording of the live streaming of TEDxSydney here.

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