Report: NBN Continuing To Confuse Aussie Consumers

Report: NBN Continuing To Confuse Aussie Consumers

The NBN is adding to the mass confusion around internet services and speeds in Australia says a new report.

The report, by branding consultancy The Writers and titled New Age Internet Opportunities, says Australian consumers and businesses are still being led astray by substandard messaging and poor communications from the NBN. The report is based on hundreds of hours of individual peer-to-peer interviews and research.

Stefano Boscutti, The Writers’ founding director, said recent attempts by the NBN to shift the blame on consumer perceptions around internet services in Australia was disingenuous.

“The NBN claims it doesn’t want to be seen as an internet provider but it’s spending millions of taxpayer dollars running advertising campaigns and television commercials focusing on how it’s improving internet access and speed for the end user,” he said.

“Even the NBN website is flooded with images of end users actively accessing the internet on a variety of devices. The business section of the NBN website is drowning in stock photos of business people handling dozens of connected devices in business environments. No wonder people are confused.”

Stefano said the NBN is spending our money to create its own communications problems.

“The messaging and communications to date from NBN are remarkably unprofessional and ineffective,” he said.

“They’re proving to be an ideal case study of what not to do.”

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