Reddit Launches Reddit Pro: A Tool Kit For Business Growth

Reddit Launches Reddit Pro: A Tool Kit For Business Growth
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Reddit has announced Reddit Pro: a free suite of tools for businesses to also establish and grow a meaningful organic presence on Reddit. These tools will transform the way businesses engage on the platform and, in turn, connect people with the businesses they are most interested in.

Every day, real people come to Reddit to fuel their passions, solve problems, and make decisions. Behind the billions of posts and comments, Reddit’s interest-based communities are a one-of-a-kind foundation for businesses to understand, inform and engage authentically online. With Reddit Pro, businesses and organisations are given the tools to unlock where, when, and how to effectively participate on the platform, whether as a complement to their Reddit ads or as a means of standalone organic engagement.

Businesses using Reddit Pro – which is currently in its beta test phase – have access to an interface with multiple tools via their existing or newly established Reddit user account. Reddit Pro will continue to grow and expand as it continues testing, and from March will serve up:

  • AI-powered insights, fueled by Reddit’s over 16 billion posts and comments, surface the top communities, trending topics, and conversations on Reddit relevant to specific categories and, in some cases, specific brands. Businesses can use these insights to join or start conversations, connect with new and existing audiences, and inform the way they interact with and show up on the platform.
  • Performance analytics that enable businesses to analyze organic post performance, inform their strategy, and grow engagement.
  • Publishing tools to help with drafting and scheduling of profile posts and provide simple steps for businesses to start contributing to Reddit communities.
  • A Pro dashboard to keep a pulse on overall organic engagement and monthly progress against account activity.

In addition to these dynamic tools, Reddit Pro users also have the ability to seamlessly extend the reach of their organic profile posts as paid advertisements on Reddit with the click of a (promote) button without ever having to leave

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