Red Rooster Creates First Wearable Tech To Satisfy Chicken Cravings, Via whiteGREY

Red Rooster Creates First Wearable Tech To Satisfy Chicken Cravings, Via whiteGREY

Red Rooster has launched the aptly named crave_ware; an AI-powered technology solution designed to satisfy Australians’ chicken cravings.

The “innovative” AI software is the brainchild of creative technology agency, whiteGREY and is designed to listen to and categorise hunger cues (aka tummy rumbles).  The technology not only listens to tummy rumbles but distinguishes them from all those other bodily noises such as burps, farts, according to the agency, and can even place a customised meal order on behalf of the customer based on the intensity and duration of their tummy rumbles.

Jono Casley, whiteGREY’s chief technology officer said that “when the odds are stacked against you, you need to change the rules of the game”.

“As the original Aussie Chicken Shop Red Rooster knows chicken cravings like no one else. It dedicates all its smarts and ingenuity to satisfying them. So, what better way to increase brand consideration and get consumers to choose Reds as their chicken of choice than by plugging directly into their appetite?”

“Enter crave_ware, an AI software we’ve built into a t-shirt that actively listens to your stomach via an in-built microphone.  When the software detects a stomach rumble it creates an online order that can automatically be delivered to your location,” Casley explained.

Ashley Hughes, marketing director, Red Rooster said: “We’ve never been a brand to rest on our laurels, so whiteGREY have created a groundbreaking CX solution that satisfies Australia’s chicken cravings in real time, and we are stoked to be the ones to bring it to life.

“By leveraging AI technology, we’ve created a solution that not only understands hunger cues but also takes the initiative to place orders on behalf of the consumer. It’s a seamless, innovative approach to satisfying ‘The Rooster Within’ and we can’t wait to listen to the conversation it creates for, and about, Reds.”

Chad Mackenzie, whiteGREY CCO said: “I think I’ve asked Jono to explain the convolutional neural network thing a million times, but it still hasn’t sunk in. Basically, some seriously cool tech that means you can bypass the normal decision-making process and let your stomach do the ordering for you. I mean we’ve got AI threatening to write our copy and pull together all of our imagery for us, so why not ordering chicken for us?”

Supported by an influencer campaign, led by Issac Eats-a-Lot, and robust PR and digital campaigns to generate additional awareness and excitement, Red Rooster is keen to look at exploring opportunities to roll-out crave_ware across additional integration points in the future. This includes in-restaurant applications (listening to tummy rumbles to skip the queue) and cross promotional opportunities and activations.

To engage consumers from launch, Reds calls on fans to get rewarded for submitting their tummy rumble with the chance to win a year’s supply of Red Rooster chicken!



Ashley Hughes, Director of Marketing, Red Rooster

Jane Hillsdon, Marketing Manager, Red Rooster

Stella Katsaros, PR & Communications Manager, Red Rooster



Lee Simpson, Chief Executive Officer

Jono Casley, Chief Technology Officer

Chad Mackenzie, Chief Creative Officer

TinTin (Ronojoy) Ghosh, Creative Director

Kieran Adams, Senior Creative

Adam Shaw, Senior Developer

Jeremy Frouin, Senior UI Designer

Shane Holmes, Managing Partner

Liz Kerr, Account Director

Brooke Thompson, Strategy Director

Enid Sung, Strategist

Colin Tuohy, Head of Production

Sean Ascroft, Executive Producer, Director

Sarang McLachlan, Production Assistant, Stylist and Art Department

Post Production, whiteGREY


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