Predictions For 2016: The Top Four Strategic Tech Trends To Watch

Predictions For 2016: The Top Four Strategic Tech Trends To Watch

Trends ebb and flow with each ensuing year in the technology space, however this year in particular, success will be determined based on paying attention to what your customers want, says IE brand and marketing manager, Jessica Box.

In order to provide you with some inspiration, we’ve pulled together the top five strategic technology trends to look out for in 2016.

1. Content personalisation: now a requirement

Big data is always a trend. However in 2016 consumers are going to expect their content to be more personalised than ever. The way that brands can hone in on this opportunity is to gather strategic insights from their data-set and allow those to inform their next campaign – test, measure, learn.

This is a big opportunity for marketers to take control of their owned media and provide experiences which not only serve their customers’ needs, but delight them along the journey to conversion.

For social media and email marketing in particular, there is huge room for growth. Why not personalise your automated emails to customers within your loyalty programs? Or send related or new items, if you’re in the retail space, that might convert into a second purchase?


2. 3D printing for brand experiences

How would you feel if you’d started at a new company and a pez dispenser with your face on it greeted you from day dot? Well, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners have now made this part of their onboarding program for new hires.

Stripping back 3D printing into it’s basic principles is going to be a game changer – that is, bringing something digital to life in a tangible format. Think about what you could do with this opportunity and create something as engaging as what Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners have done.


3. The full embracement of video marketing

This year video content marketing will be crucial to your success in engaging with consumers. Not only do users now expect their brand engagements to be personal, they expect them to be informative.

You can make a difference with video, and not just push content like traditional marketing dictates, by using strategic insight from the way your audience engages on other channels.

Take a fashion brand for example. If you were to produce a video, you’d pick something like 4-tips to have your winged eye be on point (that’s an eyeliner technique for those playing at home…) and instead of writing how to do it, you’d just show your audience. You’re not only delivering value but also providing a great engaging brand experience.


4. Evolution of wearables

Two of the top selling products over the 2015 Christmas period were the Fitbit and Apple Watch. According to Sky News, the Fitbit app was the most downloaded app from Apple’s store on Christmas day.

As another example, L’Oreal just released the first generation of a wearable tattoo entitled ‘My UV Patch’, which allows the user to determine how much damage has been done to their skin by interacting with the sun.

By focussing on one particular consumer need, this technology retrieves data via NFC or a camera and provides the user with updates on their sun exposure in real-time (if required).


Now that wearables are focussing on solving one user problem, instead of being everything to everyone, they’re becoming valued and will grow even further in market share during 2016.

When considering which of these channels, devices or methodologies you’d like to embrace in 2016, make sure they align with your business objectives and problems.

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