Piers Morgan Hits Out at Socceroos for “Virtue Signalling”

Piers Morgan Hits Out at Socceroos for “Virtue Signalling”

Piers Morgan has slammed the Socceroos for “virtue-signalling” after the team posted a video calling on Qatar to look after workers and respect the LGBTQI+ community.

The former Daily Mirror and The News of the World editor tweet in response to the Socceroos video saying that the team displayed “fine virtue-signalling words” before sarcastically asking “presume you will not be boycotting the tournament? Or don’t you guys care THAT much?”

Morgan, who left the Mirror in disgrace after publishing faked photographs of tortured prisoners in the Abu Ghraib detention centre in Iraq, is never shy of wading into a culture war battle.

However, unlike the fake torture in Iraq, migrant workers building the stadiums ahead of the Qatar world cup have faced very real and very challenging conditions. At least 6,500 workers are believed to have died while building the stadiums.

There are also widespread concerns over the treatment of gay fans during the World Cup. While the Amir of Qatar and FIFA President Gianni Infantino have given the “highest levels of assurances” that fans will be respected, gay men face a three year jail sentence and the possibility of a fine. For gay Muslim men, the penalty under Sharia Law could be death.

Morgan, now a presenter for Murdoch-owned Talk TV, continued:

“Either go and play football, or don’t go. Pretending you’re outraged by a country’s morality but then actively promoting the country is hypocritical.

“I find the faux moral outrage around ‘sports-washing’ increasingly irritating. If you want to make a moral stand, fine – do it properly & boycott the event/country that offends your morality. Or shut up and play sport.”

Football Australia also released a statement supporting the players and their advocacy.

“We acknowledge the significant progress and legislative reforms have occurred in Qatar over recent years to recognise and protect the rights of workers, and we encourage all stakeholders to continue this path to reform,” said FA.

“However, we have also learned that the tournament has been associated with suffering for some migrant workers and their families.”

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