PHOTOPLAY Offers A Ghost Train Ride Like No Other At Sydney Festival

PHOTOPLAY Offers A Ghost Train Ride Like No Other At Sydney Festival

Jasmin Tarasin, director at boutique production company PHOTOPLAY, is inviting invites audiences to take a trip through the inner-workings of the mind in ‘Ghost Train’, her latest multi-sensory VR project set to feature at this year’s Sydney Festival.

Working in collaboration with musician and co-creative director Jonnine Standish, Tarasin’s uniquely immersive ‘Ghost Train’ is a combination of VR, narrative adventure film, ethereal images, and haunting music packaged into a traditional ghost train ride.

The VR journey travels through rooms of the mind and finishes with a ‘choose your own adventure’ story that takes visitors to either purgatory or bliss.

From the moment you step into the physical train carriage and put on the Samsung Gear VR Headset, you are transported into a world that explores the theme of self-displacement and how in the blink of an eye, you can make a decision that can affect the rest of your life.

“We wanted to explore a ghost train of the mind – a psychological journey that maps out how the mind works and how we make choices – so the imagery your eye focuses on, and the directions you choose to look, will make decisions on the actual course of the train ride itself,” Tarasin said.

Instead of using a 360-camera, which is often employed in VR, Tarasin worked with the RED camera to map out the storyboards and to ensure the project had the same cinematic aesthetic that influences her commercial film work.


The first original VR concept of its kind to be developed in Australia, ‘Ghost Train’ provides an opportunity to showcase the works of numerous artists in a unique multi-platform project.

It marks the second multi-scale installation that Tarasin has delivered for Sydney Festival. Her first installation, ‘LIVE’ (2011), explored the art of performance and featured musicians including Juliette Lewis, Jarvis Cocker, and Martha and Rufus Wainwright.

PHOTOPLAY executive producer Oliver Lawrance said: “Jasmin is a truly interdisciplinary artist, just as comfortable with interactive platforms as film direction.

“She has a strong vision within which her art and commercial work both thrive, and we are super-pleased to see her talents come together in this highly immersive project.”

PHOTOPLAY has 20 complimentary tickets for any agency creatives or producers who’d like to attend ‘Ghost Train’ at the Sydney Festival. Email Lawrence at to secure yours.


Creative directors: Jasmin Tarasin and Jonnine Standis

Music: Mika Vainio and HTRK

VR artists: Patrick Hamilton and Joe Hamilton

Technical production: Richard Dinnen and Matt Scott

Producer: Liza McLean

Technology: Samsung and OptiTrack

Costume design: Michelle Boyde (Unconscious Collective)

Concept technical adviser: Nimrod Weiss (Eness)

Directors of production: Katie Milwright and Sky Davies

Hair and make-up: Nadja Mott

Logo design: Manuel Bürger

Underwater dress: Bianca Spender

Underwear: Baserange

Casting: Folk Collective

People featured: Rachel Rutt, Nynno Bel Air, Henry Charles Law, Rowan Oliver, Karina Utomo, Zeina Thiboult, and Arlo Jack


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