Queensland Parents Urged To ‘Protect Your P-plater’ via BCM

Queensland Parents Urged To ‘Protect Your P-plater’ via BCM

A new campaign by BCM for the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads encourages parents to stay involved once their young driver gains their Provisional licence.

Parents have a major influence on how teenagers choose to drive, so continuing to be involved as their teenagers build up experience helps to significantly reduce the crash risk. After spending a minimum of 100 hours on driving practice to meet the Learner driver’s licence requirements, many parents may believe their young driver is ready to go solo. However, they may be surprised to know that their offspring are in more danger than ever.  Newly licensed P-platers are six times more likely to be involved in a serious road crash.

The ‘Protect your P-plater’ campaign encourages parents to continue getting in the passenger seat, offering advice, and setting boundaries during the crucial early driving years as P-platers continue developing their driving skills.

As part of the campaign, real Queensland parents were interviewed about their experiences of teaching their teens to drive, and these are available as a series of web videos.  The popular Join the Drive Facebook page also offers a forum for parents to share their own tips and concerns.

‘Protect your P-plater’ is part of the Queensland Government’s ‘Join the Drive to Save Lives’ long-term community road safety initiative.

Developed by BCM, the new integrated P-plater campaign will roll out across social media and digital channels, print, and radio.

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