One Man’s Waste Is A Major PR Win For The Bravery

One Man’s Waste Is A Major PR Win For The Bravery
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Independent purpose PR, Communications, and Social Media agency, The Bravery, has strengthened its commitment to enhancing behavioural change in waste after being appointed by Dulverton Waste Management in North West Tasmania.

Lead image: The Bravery Team

The Bravery has been appointed as the lead communications, community engagement and PR partner after a competitive tender process.

The agency will deliver a full brand development along with a high-impact communications strategy and tactical rollout for the launch of the North West Tasmania region’s Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection and treatment service in 2024.

The campaign will engage local council partners, service partners and the community, promoting the FOGO collection service and improving resident understanding of proper bin usage to reduce contamination.

The Bravery has been delivering high-performance campaigns for over a decade with many of Australia’s largest and most needed waste management, circular economy and product stewardship schemes, including Battery Stewardship Council, Circular Australia, Veolia, Mobile Muster, and TechCollect.

“Our landfills are starting to fill up, but waste keeps on coming. FOGO is a simple but powerful remedy for this issue because it diverts waste from rotting in landfills, turning it into a resource,” said Claire Maloney, founder and director of The Bravery.

“We love work that intersects technology, economic benefits and environmental improvement, which is why we are the perfect partner for Dulverton Waste Management to engage communities to do one small thing differently, which can have a big impact on waste”.

“After a lot of interest to support our FOGO rollout, the Bravery was selected as it was evident in the pitch for the project that our needs were understood,” said Veronica Schilling, chief executive officer at Dulverton Waste Management.

“The project will bring our community together as six new Councils join the process of converting valuable nutrients from becoming an environmental harm in our landfill to soil enrichment in our agricultural sector”.

“We have been impressed with the creativity, pragmatism and depth of understanding Claire and her team have brought to our work and look forward to seeing the community collaborate with us to increase our resource recovery”.

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