NYPD’s Twitter disaster

NYPD’s Twitter disaster

The New York Police Department received a few unpleasant surprises when their #myNYPD Twitter reach out backfired.

It started off harmless enough, with the NYPD asking users to post a photo with a police officer which can then be shared on their Facebook page.

While a few did post some happy snaps with those in uniform…

…the hashtag released an out-pouring of images surrounding police brutality.

Check out some of the Tweets below.

While some Tweeters are regarding this as a #TwitterFail, some out there are disappointed this is being treated as a social media cock up instead of a serious issue.

An updated story from The Wall Street Journal outlined how Commissioner William Bratton said the police department welcomed “the extra attention” and that the campaign would be continuing.

Check out The Wall Street Journal article here.

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