NYC Creatives Series: Annex88 Producer Emily Logan

NYC Creatives Series: Annex88 Producer Emily Logan

To celebrate young Aussie talent in adland, B&T has embarked on a series where we chat to creatives working at some of the world’s most prolific advertising agencies in New York City.

Speaking with a new up-and-comer each week, B&T asks Aussie expats everything from their favourite clients to more pressing questions such as how often they’re asked to “put shrimp on the barbie”.

It’s time to meet some of the industry’s brightest.

This week we put Annex88 producer Emily Logan’s head (pictured above) on the chopping block.

How long have you been in NYC for?

Four years.

What has taken you by surprise about the city?

I moved to NYC without visiting prior, it was a bit of a gamble.

I was so surprised at how much of a rollercoaster of an experience my journey took. My first year here I had so many ups and downs.

NYC is so fast paced, It’s taught me to have thick skin, keep moving + fight for what I want.

I’ve learnt so much from being surrounded by the best of the best, whether that’s my coworkers, or friends I’ve made in other industries, I’m constantly being pushed, coached and supported which has provided me with a wealth of opportunities.

How do American and Australian adlands differ?

Here we create a lot of content and fast!

With so much content popularity our social channels we are constantly thinking about what cuts through the clutter and will be relevant to the audience.

I believe a large part of being able to achieve this has to do with the industry in NY giving up and coming young guns a go.

It’s not about how many years’ experience you have had in the industry.

Australia feels a bit stuck in the ways of doing it the way the industry has always done it and it’s not a great idea unless someone has done something similar overseas first, we don’t look to what advertising is doing we look at where culture is going and reflect that in our content.

How are they similar/ how is the creative process (both in ideation and execution) different to Australia’s?

The process is somewhat similar.

Here the creatives work with the producers to discuss what’s possible, and we collaborate with the vendors and Influencers from an early stage.

How much bigger are the budgets? Working in social/Digital our budgets can range from 30k – 350k.

What has been the biggest benefit of moving?

Opportunities to work with brands and talent that I may not have had access to home, not only in NY but across the country.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Despite having experience in Australia, when I moved to NY people told me I was too fresh for the NY industry.

One company told me that I’d be taken advantage of because of my accent.

Roughly how many times a week do you get asked if you’d like to put a shrimp on the barbie?

Never, haha.

Do you ever find yourself pigeon-holed into the ‘Aussie expat’ basket or is it fairly easy to carve out your own identity?

Being Australian, specifically since living here has become such a larger part of my identity than when I was back in Australia.

There have been very few times that I have felt restricted by it.

What has been your favourite project so far?

My favourite projects are the ones where I’m able to travel and shoot in different cities.

Most recently a prom campaign for Men’s Wearhouse.

What is your favourite ad of all time?

Trumpet’s Simplifying Summer campaign, ‘Togs or Undies?’


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