NSW Health Launches New Awareness Campaign For Hepatitis B & C, Via REBORN

NSW Health Launches New Awareness Campaign For Hepatitis B & C, Via REBORN

REBORN was tasked with developing two strategic approaches and launch an integrated campaign to coincide with Hepatitis Awareness Week 2016, with the main goal to get people talking about Hepatitis B and C again, raising its profile and ensuring a suitable level of infamy.

Research suggested that Hepatitis did not have a place at the table of Australian’s health concerns. With other major health concerns such as Cancer, HIV, Depression and Diabetes having the majority share of Google searches, REBORN needed to bring Hepatitis to the forefront of research and discussion and change awareness, as people didn’t consider the virus to be a serious risk.

The campaign encourages people to think about Hepatitis B & C, provide them with hope and positivity for the future and educate them on how they can prevent, test & treat Hepatitis B & C.

Together with NSW Health, REBORN created communications around each stage a person may be in, whether that’s the initial ASK phase, TEST phase or TREATMENT phase. REBORN wanted to provoke people and get them to think, Could it be me? Could I have Hepatitis B or could I be at risk of getting Hepatitis C?

“REBORN was thrilled to take on NSW Health as a client. The sensitivity of the issue brought with it new creative challenges, and new rewards. Bringing awareness and aiding in the prevention of Hepatitis B & C is something we are really honored to be able to say we have been a part of.” said Sabir Samtani, founding partner at REBORN.


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