NRL Legend Wendell Sailor Pranked By Ex-teammate Ryan Girdler In Youi’s Web Series

NRL Legend Wendell Sailor Pranked By Ex-teammate Ryan Girdler In Youi’s Web Series

Today sees the launch of the fourth episode of Youi Insurance’s web series, Who’s in the Car?, featuring NRL legends Wendell Sailor and Ryan Girdler.

This episode, created by content agency Emotive, sees stand-up comedian Katie Burch asking all the entertaining questions of Sailor that others won’t, with an unexpected twist.

Unbeknown to Sailor, Girdler is actually feeding questions to Burch that only an ex-teammate would know.

Hugo Schreuder, group chief marketing officer at Youi, launched the new episode and the brand’s commitment to the format at Tuesday night’s YouTube Brandcast event in Sydney.

“The first three episodes had combined views of over seven million, but the engagement with the content was the real highlight for the Youi marketing team – average watch time was over two minutes with 95 per cent positive sentiment across the three episodes,” he said.

“These results reinforced our commitment to this format, and we are so excited to launch episode four today and be back in production with more episodes to come.”

Emotive CEO Simon Joyce said the series has been a cracking success to date and has perfectly complemented Youi’s more rational product advertising.

“The objective was to create entertaining content that the target audience chooses to consume by dramatising Youi’s key strength of knowing their customers better in order to save on insurance premiums,” he explained.

“The watch time and engagement rates speak for themselves and we are really excited about releasing this episode.”

The Who’s in the Car? web series launched earlier this year in May, with the first episode featuring the Burgess brothers, the second episode featuring The Veronicas and the third episode featuring Osher Günsberg.

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