Australia Day Ad Encourages Aussies To Ditch The British Monarchy

Australia Day Ad Encourages Aussies To Ditch The British Monarchy

We don’t blame you if you were out sinking tinnies rather than being glued to the telly yesterday, but if you were (loser), you might’ve caught this new ad from the Australian Republic Movement (ARM).

The 50-second spot features a bunch of Australians singing along to our old national anthem, God Save The Queen, and challenges the nation to really think about why the Queen is still our head of state.

The ad is the focal point of ARM’s new campaign, which is asking Aussies to declare their own independence, and pledge allegiance to our country over the British Monarchy.

The ad finishes with a website you can visit in order to make your pledge official, adding that it “doesn’t sound right anymore” to be singing the previous national tune.

Per News Corp reports, ARM chairman Peter FitzSimons said, “This is Australia. We are Australians. And our national head of state should be an Australian. There’s no credible argument against that.

“We respect the Queen for her lifetime of service, and we’d love to have her over for a cuppa to oversee the transition to an Australian republic with an Australian as our head of state.”

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