NBC Adopts Personalised Advertising Into Linear TV Programming

NBC Adopts Personalised Advertising Into Linear TV Programming

NBCUniversal has announced a holistic, first-party identity platform that unites the company’s vast network of consumer touchpoints into a scaled offering for marketers.

The NBCUniversal launch of NBCUnified, a first-party identity platform, will help any sized advertiser, in any industry, to use data more effectively and efficiently.

Enlightened to the decay of third-party cookies and invasive advertising methods, NBC has ushered in a new era of connected, data-driven video experiences for audiences.

NBCUnified is a new consumer data and identity platform that combines touchpoints across movies, entertainment, news, sports, eCommerce and more – engaging 230 million adults each month.

These hundreds of millions of consumers will be put into a single database that marketers can use to match their own first-party data.

Thereby, NBCUniversal and its partners can provide highly measurable, targeted and personalised advertising experiences that move businesses and industry forward.

John Lee, chief data officer for NBCUniversal Adverting and Partnership told the Hollywood Reporter, “In the world of advanced TV, video entertainment, we didn’t see a leader, so we had calls to activate first-party data.”

Despite the seismic changes on hand, NBCUniversal has been conscious and careful handling consumer data.

The company has also simultaneously recognised brand partners’ needs to work across the ecosystem.

So, the latest One Platform offering for marketers and the industry, NBCUnified has built on the company’s expansive suite of advanced advertising tools and capabilities.

Moreover, it will provide advertising partners with a trusted and scaled data platform.

Excitingly NBCUnified is just the first offering to be launched out of the company’s dedicated enterprise data organisation.

Slated for launch in Q2 2022, this new development will be the basis for ongoing innovation and transformation not only within NBCUniversal but across the larger media industry.

In a statement, Lee said, “NBCUnified is the scaled data offering that marketers need and a solution that the industry can also leverage to embrace a fully data-powered, data-enabled tomorrow.”

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