Where will you land on Napisan’s wheel?

Where will you land on Napisan’s wheel?

There are some stains that not even mum can get out. Stubborn stains could spell the end of your favourite shirt or dress, unless the right detergent is used.

Napisan has created a new in-store tool to help shoppers determine which Vanish Detergent will best remove their stains. Executed by TorchMedia, the interactive spinning wheel will appear in over 300 Woolworths stores around the country in their cleaning products aisles.

The in-store fin asks shoppers, “How to remove stains that regular detergent can’t?”, and features an attached wheel that allows shoppers to match their stain with what detergent will most effectively remove the blemishes.

From pasta sauce to fruit juice to whites that have turned grey, the Vanish wheel has the solution to have your laundry looking brand new!

“In-store marketing is about communicating to shoppers at the opportune time,” said Kirsty Dollisson, GM of TorchMedia. “Not only does the Vanish wheel add value by helping customers solve their cleaning problems, it gives Vanish even more opportunity to inform shoppers of their product’s diversity and uses.”


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