More Than Half Of TikTokers Have Purchased A Product Promoted On The Platform

More Than Half Of TikTokers Have Purchased A Product Promoted On The Platform

A huge 56 per cent of TikTokers have purchased a product promoted on the platform and 92 per cent are purchase-ready.

The data comes from a new M&C Saatchi Performance study which gives some startling insights on the platform’s effectiveness for advertising.

The average user spends almost 90 minutes per day watching TikTok content and 56 per cent of users are online more than once per day. What’s more, more than half of users say they favour the platform for discovery above all others, with 62 per cent of Zoomers listing it as their favourite discovery platform. Just 8 per cent of Zoomers choose Google as their favourite.

Plus, users find TikTok adverts more engaging and memorable than those on other platforms. 46 per cent of TikTok users surveyed said that they are more likely to engage with ads or influencer promotions on TikTok than any other platform. The number was 54 per cent for Gen Z.

M&C Saatchi reckon that this is down to the way TikTok surfaces ads and content. Users get served an ad when they first open the app and then the For You page intersperses visually engaging ads with content from creators competing for attention.

“If you want to be on TikTok, you need to understand what it’s like to be a consumer. The most important thing as a marketer is to use TikTok yourself and see what content people engage with the most,” said Jennifer Sudo, managing partner, M&C Saatchi Performance

“Within the next few years, TikTok is going to be an even bigger and more important channel than it is now, so it’s crucial for brands to get on the platform and understand how its users engage with content.”

The key to making a good TikTok ad is to make the ad seem like a TikTok, not an ad, apparently. Consumers will engage better with the content, with 58 per cent saying they remember funny ads the most, with clever editing, snappy dialog, or a solid impersonation.

Catchy music (43 per cent), trending dances or memes (38 per cent), authentic ads demonstrating clear benefits (38 per cent) and trusted influencers or celebs (36 per cent) also rank highly.

“Advertising on TikTok should be centered around authenticity and what tends to work best is ads that are platform-native,” said Dane Buchanan, global director of data, analytics, and tech at M&C Saatchi Performance.

“You don’t need massive production budgets to create a highly-impactful ad. Linking up with content creators that resonate with your brand and allowing them to guide you on what works best for their audience is usually the best approach.”

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