Millennials Will Mute Your Ads Nearly All The Time

Millennials Will Mute Your Ads Nearly All The Time

Trying to nab the eyeballs of the illustrious Millennial which the industry is going gaga over? Well turns out that while they’re the most likely demographic to share videos, they’re all the ones that are using ad-blockers and muting ads.

They have global spending power in the trillions and are merciless when a brand stuffs up.

Findings from video ad tech company Unruly show fakeness is not tolerated one iota and 93 per cent are looking to install ad-blockers to get rid of those creepy ads that aren’t relevant and follow them around the internet.

“For advertisers wanting to connect with Millennials, this is a high-risk, high-reward demographic. Millennials are digital-first trendsetters,” said Sarah Wood, co-CEO of Unruly.

“Get it right with this uber-connected audience and you have the potential to unlock widespread reach and powerful advocacy. Get it wrong and they are unforgiving: if you appear inauthentic or interrupt them with ads, they will actively avoid your brand.

“They’re overexposed to ads, and looking to clean up their online experiences by installing ad blockers. This presents a great opportunity for the advertisers who take the time to create content that cuts through to engage and inspire Millennials.”

Still, while some 84 per cent of Millennials will mute ads, Unruly stressed this doesn’t mean they’re not paying attention. It just means creatives have to include actual interesting visuals.

Here’s some other stats to scare the bejeesus out of you and swell with pride and inspiration.

More than half of Millennials reckon there’s too many ads and 74 per cent will lose trust if an ad feels fake.

“Advertisers need to be self-aware and ensure their messages match their brand’s core values,” said the report.

“Smart advertisers don’t make claims that demonstrated behaviour, product experience, and press coverage can’t support.”

On the flip side though, if an ad’s relevant to a Millennial, 23 per cent of the time they’re going to enjoy it. Although, that does mean 77 per cent of the time they won’t enjoy a relevant ad…

Still, if they do enjoy the ad, they are 112 per cent more likely to share the ad with fellow comrades.

And whatever is trending in society at the time makes a video more likely to be shared.


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