Mi9 makes public culture pledge to staff

Mi9 makes public culture pledge to staff

Mi9 has unveiled a public declaration of the culture it aspires to in a manifesto that also details the company’s ‘new’ way of advertising.

The Mi9 Manifesto comes as the company hires a new director of people and culture, Raechel Gavin (pictured).

The 36 page manifesto spells out the company’s values, what success means at Mi9, what gets them out of the bed in the morning – which is ‘not profits’ – and the “new Mi9 way” of advertising (pictured below).

Mark Britt, Mi9 chief executive, described the document as a clear and direct statement about the culture, designed to appeal to the company’s gen-Y heavy workforce.

“The Manifesto also forces people to think about their personal agendas and contributions at work and openly admits that the Mi9 way of working is not for everyone. Mi9’s definitely not for you if you’re not brave, smart, humble and you don’t give a shit – and we’ll call you on it,” Britt said.

"The old way of doing advertising v the new Mi9 way":

“A predominantly Gen Y workforce comes with a much greater expectation of purpose. They want to contribute to the world around them, feel good about what they do, in addition to being remunerated fairly and having a great environment to work in and in which to progress.

“We started by crowdsourcing and instilling the Mi9 company values; Brave, Smart, Humble and Give a Shit, in everything we do and now we’re continuing that work with the Manifesto.”

The average age of Mi9’s 350 employees is 30 and 51% are female.

The manifesto wraps up with nine reasons not to consider Mi9 as an employer including: if you “long for the golden days of media”, you’re not having fun, you’re only in for the paycheque and if you don’t learn something new each day. (See the full list below).

Raechel Gavin joins Mi9 from her most recent role as group HR director at DMG Radio. On her appointment Britt said: “Our people are central to everything we’re doing. Raechel will be at the heart of the values led and purpose driven culture we’re building here. She will also be charged with making our new Manifesto part of every day.”

Gavin added: “The industry is in the middle of an unprecedented period transformation and digital media companies are well placed to build positive and engaging work cultures which help companies attract and retain the best talent.”

Click here to see the full manifesto. 

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