Meltwater Tracks Which F1 Australian Grand Prix 2023 Teams Are Favourites

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Ahead of the F1 Australian Grand Prix race this weekend, Meltwater has tracked data to see which teams and drivers are favourites.

Out of 94,600 (a 500 per cent spike from the previous month) mentions across socials in March, yesterday they spiked from 5,000 to over 20,000 as some key activities started ahead of the practice and qualifying rounds before Sunday’s race, although engagement on social started on a upwards trajectory since Sunday, 26th March.

Yet when comparing the same lead-up dates, it found 2022 had a much higher engagement. But the mentions on the first day are so far not that different, with 23,738 in 2022 compared to 22,235 in 2023.

When it comes to the favourite brands and drivers, Redbull had the highest share of voice (29%) as it recorded the highest number of total mentions at 21K and the most engaged audience with 1.63M total engagement (closely followed by Ferrari with 1.46M engagement).

Mclaren won the race with the most positive sentiment (45%) and the highest reach on Twitter with 57.9M (compared to only 11.9M reach for Redbull on this platform).

Here are also some additional social insights on where the conversations are happening and where the preferences sit:

  • Twitter has received the strongest engagement from people aged 18-34, followed by age 55-64.
  • The US, Australia and the UK have the most mentions across all platforms apart from on Twitter, where Spain is second to the US with highest number of tweets
  • Most engaged content day of the month was a Tweet by Formula 1 on 11 March marking Michael Schumacher making his debut for Ferrari at the Australian Grand Prix 27 years ago – with 9M reach and over 26,000 engagement
  • Despite the internal tensions at Redbull, all social conversations have been mostly neutral (62.9%) and 29.4% positive in sentiment
  • Interestingly, whilst majority of age demographic engagement came from 18-24 and 25-34 across all brands, Aston has an equal following of 18-24 and 55-64 age demographic
  • Spain has the highest Aston Martin engagement in support of Fernando Alonso
  • Over two thirds of the audience engaging is unsurprisingly male (66.7%)
  • Other brands share of voice – Mclaren 19%; Ferrari 18.4%; Aston Martin 17.8%; Mercedes 15.8%

Above: Top emoji chart in the lead-up to the event

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