Melbourne Start-Up Uses Voice AI To Help Basketball Fans Keep Up With New Season Schedules

Melbourne Start-Up Uses Voice AI To Help Basketball Fans Keep Up With New Season Schedules

In a season like no other, the NBL Voice App, developed by CogniVocal in partnership with the National Basketball League (NBL) ensures sports fans can access the last-minute changes in the schedule and information in a way they never have before – using voice.

According to Dyung Ngo, CTO of CogniVocal, “it’s never been easier for fans to ask about matches on the schedule, access match details, check out who’s on top of the ladder, and purchase tickets by simply talking to a virtual assistant on mobile or smart speaker.”

Given the pandemic’s unprecedented nature and the profound changes it is causing, companies are innovating and thinking differently about how consumers will think, feel, say, and do. As a league committed to delivering a great fan experience, the NBL is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage fans.

“Voice technology is being adopted faster than smartphones; it will change people’s relationship with technology and open a new way for companies and organisations to connect with them,” said André Alcantara, CogniVocal’s CMO.

Using voice and natural language, people can have access to content and information easier, faster, and more conveniently, and ask questions such as:

“Who is playing this week?” or “Who is playing on Friday?”

“When is Melbourne United playing the Sydney Kings?”

“When are the Perth Wildcats playing at home?”

“What position are Illawarra Hawks on the ladder?”

“Play the podcast.”

The voice app is available on Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

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