Meet Manny, The New Star Of Contiki’s Latest European Campaign

Meet Manny, The New Star Of Contiki’s Latest European Campaign

Contiki has launched its European campaign, ‘Manny does Contiki’, featuring their hottest new star, Manny the mannequin.

Manny will influence many channels (social, cinema, digital) but his first appearance is in a hero video.

Made with agency Common Ventures, the strategy for the campaign was threefold.

The first was to breathe new life in the core brand proposition to Travel with No Regrets, secondly to show the difference travelling with Contiki can have on someone.

And finally, sell the Contiki Europe experience which is the social connection and moments between all the big sites that stick with you forever.

The hero video opens with a mannequin who is stuck in a dead-end job modelling drab clothes in a daggy, old store. Sick of waiting around, Manny takes the plunge and leaves his job and to head to Europe with Contiki.

Manny motorboats Italian gelato, hits on a Greek goddess and paraglides through the Austrian Alps.

The video ends with Manny watching the sunset with his new mates.

His arms covered with the numbers and names of all the new friends he has made along the way.

The campaign shows how Contiki goes beyond the preconceived, expected experiences of touring in Europe.

Contiki marketing director Vanessa Fletcher said: “You get one shot at life, and Manny is here to show us that it’s those moments in between the tourist landmarks that shape you – it’s in the people that you meet and those personal experiences that end up creating the best moments of your life!”

“Simply following a young traveller enjoying Europe wouldn’t work.

Common Ventures creative director/on-set puppeteer James Crawley said: “We needed something that allowed us to show all the amazing experiences that Contiki offers, without the comms turning into just another travel video.”

Common Ventures ECD Brian Merrifield said: “We have an incredibly tight-knit team, so we’re well placed to move quickly and execute a multi-country shoot with a low-impact crew.

“We found this to be incredibly important in the travel industry.”

Manny was approached for comment, but declined due to lack of vocal chords.


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