MEC Launches Wavemaker To Ramp Up Content Capabilities

MEC Launches Wavemaker To Ramp Up Content Capabilities

Today sees the launch of MEC Wavemaker, bringing together existing teams in content strategy, social, partnerships, experiential, SEO, production and creative services under one roof.

Launching initially in 10 markets, including Australia, with a further 20 planned for the remainder of 2016, MEC Wavemaker will create content that measurably improves a brand’s performance.

MEC Wavemaker will apply specialist content tools to drive insights, provide format and platform-neutral recommendations linked to MEC’s unique view of the customer journey, and leverage distribution resources to maximise value along with data to optimise performance.

This rigour coupled with award-winning resource in creating and co-creating content will provide a new benchmark in helping clients navigate the increasingly complex content landscape.

MEC Australia already has a proven track record at creating content, including Nine Network reality TV series Dr Lisa to the Rescue for Nestlé PURINA Petcare, which recently won a Silver in the category of Best Use of Content at the Festival of Media Asia.

The launch of Wavemaker, driven by growing customer demand for unique and effective content, is the natural next step for MEC.

Andrzej Kowalski, managing partner of MEC Wavemaker Australia, said: “It’s important to note that MEC Wavemaker is not an agency. It’s our specialist content offer. It’s not a separate organisation from the rest of MEC. It’s a way of looking at content and how clients can get the most value from it. Clients know that great content could make a massive difference to their business but it’s hard to know exactly what type of content is right for them and who they should turn to for guidance.

“We can help them see exactly what role content can play in their customers’ lives and how that will directly affect their brand’s performance. It gives them the confidence to invest in content knowing it’s taking their brand forward.”

MEC Australia CEO James Hier (pictured) added: “We can measurably improve a brand’s performance because we embed content into the purchase journey and maximise distribution. Hardwiring content into the purchase journey and then seamlessly delivering it through the world’s greatest distribution is new.

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