Marketing Analytics Firm Blows Up The Digital Versus TV Argument

Marketing Analytics Firm Blows Up The Digital Versus TV Argument

Marketing analytics consultancy Analytics Partners has described the notion that TV advertising is more effective than digital as fantasy.

The consultancy has also called on Australian marketers to apply greater rigour when reading industry-driven research with extreme data points.

Speaking today at IAB Australia’s annual MeasureUp conference, Paul Sinkinson (pictured above) of Analytic Partners said: “The whole digital versus TV discussion is dangerous.  It’s like asking if you want food or water.

“You should have both. If you pick one over another then you will destroy your ability to get full value and ROI from your campaign.

“I find it very concerning reading research from self-interested parties that purport that one channel is far superior to another.

“They each serve a different purpose and when integrated almost inevitably deliver superior outcomes for brands according to the context in which they are placed,” said Sinkinson.

Sinkinson referenced data from thousands of studies and hundreds of peer-reviewed academic papers from around the world making the point that while research confirms that digital can deliver the best ROI for advertisers, it can generate an additional 50 per cent ROI when paired with TV, showing the importance of integration.

Kantar Insights Division’s global head of media Jane Ostler, who also spoke at MeasureUp, echoed Sinkinson’s comments, noting that “the mine is bigger than yours” debate is not helping marketers.

“There is too much talk about channels used by marketers on an ‘either/or’ basis when the real focus should be on how to take full advantage of synergies offered by using multiple channels,” Ostler said.

“We strongly recommend that marketers look at the bigger picture about media and touchpoints and understand that integrated, customised campaigns are much more effective at influencing campaign objectives.”

Ostler shared data during her presentation that showed integrated and customised campaign deliver 157 per cent better ROI than single-channel campaigns.

She also noted that the primary blocker of holistic measurement and optimisation is a lack of consistency in the measurement used to evaluate across channels and platforms.

For example, TV measurement is still dominated by reach and frequency while online and mobile measurement relies more on ROI.

IAB Australia CEO Gai Le Roy commented: “It is not new news that cross-channel advertising is an incredibly effective way to grow businesses, but as audiences continue to increase their amount of time with a range of digital channels marketers are looking for guidance on how to ensure their advertising both reaches the right audience and has an impact.

“With digital advertising investment increasing to represent over half of the total ad market in Australia, now worth $8.5 billion per year, accurately measuring its impact is more important than ever.”


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