Mamamia Branches Out Beyond Websites In 2015

Mamamia Branches Out Beyond Websites In 2015

In addition to launching a new website next year, the Mamamia Women’s Network is branching out beyond online with weekly podcasts, an online TV offering, offline event activations providing a number of commercial opportunities for advertisers.

Following the trend of the major Australian TV networks and magazine publishers, the Mamamia Women’s Network held an ‘upfront’ event in Sydney to share the company’s plans for the forthcoming year.

Already this week the network announced plans to expand with a new website launching in 2015 aimed at women over 40 called Debrief Daily.

Founder Mia Freedman said the new website would be different to the other sites in the network. She said: “A lot of the content will be similar, but it will be delivered through the lens of this life stage.” Marriage, divorce and finance will feature prominently as well as family, career and entertainment.

Freedman explained how the network’s different websites fit into women’s daily lives. Mamamia is like a cup of coffee, a caffeine hit to start the day. Parenting blog iVillage is the nurturing cup of hot tea; recently launched beauty and health website The Glow is the refreshing and healthy green smoothie, and the Debrief Daily will fit in as the glass of red wine at the end of the day.

Kylie Rogers, national sales director for the network, outlined the commercial opportunities available for brands looking to team up with the women’s network.

She said: “Alongside creative, bespoke campaigns for our partners, we will embark on some key, multi-platform commercial opportunities that sit across our four sites next year. We will embark on deep, client integration that really maximises earned and owned assets for you.”

Mamamia, founded in 2007 by Freedman, will also get a refresh before the end of the year.

Rogers said: “The new website is responsive design and we are going to be able to serve more content than ever before. Importantly for marketers is that we will continue to give the same precedence to native advertising content as we do to editorial.”

The network has also seen success with podcasts which they will focus more on in 2015.

Mamamia’s editor-in-chief, Jamila Rizvi, said: “We saw a real gap in the market here in Australia. Podcasts are just starting to take off here, they are absolutely huge in the States already. More than one billion subscribers to iTunes podcasts already exist.”

What the network sees as a scarcity of good, snackable video content for women is also driving production.

“We’re launching short form video content that will sit on our site primarily mobile, desktop and our Mamamia YouTube channel. The content will be aligned by our sites and on topics aligned by verticals,” said Rogers.

“There’ll be a stack of opportunities for advertisers as simple as pre-rolls or fully branded integrated content.”

Another area providing ample advertising opportunities is the network’s activations and offline events.

“We’re taking our brand out to the street and to the people because our advertisers want to engage with us with activations and on branded events,” said Rogers.

Speaking broadly about the network, Rogers said: “2014 has been an unbelievable year of growth and engagement for us, but we really want to dial it up again in 2015 with new multi-platform initiatives.”

The Mamamia team unveiled research into understanding how to engage and influence women.

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