Maltesers Champions Misrepresented Women In New Spots

Maltesers Champions Misrepresented Women In New Spots

British-based chocolate company Maltesers has released its latest wave of ‘Look on the Light Side’ spots.

The latest iteration, via creative agency AMV BBDO, features a group of women talking about hot flushes and the location of their nipples.

The comical spot, titled ‘Powerpoint’, looks at embarrassing moments in the office.

The second, ‘Accountant’, sees a group of women talking about the perils of dating in London.

The women joke about the possibility of her sexuality as a lesbian the issue or wonder if it’s her vegetarianism, finally landing on her job as an accountant being the real issue.

AMV BBDO creative director Michael Jones said: “We were keen to talk to women who are so often misrepresented in advertising.”

“Many, including women in the 60-plus bracket, are not only misrepresented, they’re often completely ignored by advertisers—their depiction completely cemented in cliché—which is crazy.”

“We met so many entertaining women and heard so many funny, outrageous stories. We were inspired. These women should get their own TV shows, let alone some air time in an ad for such a well-loved brand.”

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