Make Sure You Don’t Breach Marketing Privacy Rules

Make Sure You Don’t Breach Marketing Privacy Rules

If you breach marketing privacy rules, you could be in big doo doo. Here date warehousing company Teradata explains what marketers need to look out for.

Marketing resource management solutions can help ensure companies remain compliant with consumer privacy regulations.  At least 21 companies have been investigated by the privacy commissioner already this year for failing to explicitly tell people that they have their data and how they intend to use it. Privacy breaches can attract fines of up to $1.7 million.

Simon Bowker, Teradata area director for the asia pacific marketing applications division said, “The privacy and compliance landscape is full of ever-changing regulations that touch on every aspect of the marketing process. This presents an ongoing challenge for organisations to mitigate the risks of privacy breaches whilst delivering engaging campaigns.”

The Australian Privacy Act saw 13 changes last year, including the addition of the Australian Privacy Principles (APP), which outlines how marketers can collect, handle and process personal information. Marketers need to be aware of, and conform to, the Act as the Australian Privacy Commissioner is likely to begin strictly enforcing compliance. Under the changes, businesses can be investigated regardless of whether complaints have been made. Organisations

Bowker said “Organisations can implement marketing resource management systems to mitigate the risks of distributing materials to the market that will open them up to legal scrutiny, additional work and heavy fines.”

Marketers communicate with customers through more channels than ever, making it more difficult to get a clear view of campaign details. This, along with a lack of internal collaboration in large organisations with dispersed marketing teams, often leads to campaign errors and leaves the organisation vulnerable to inspection and fines.

Organisations can improve marketing operations and help prevent distribution errors by using marketing resource management systems to control the approval processes of every campaign. It also helps businesses to produce and communicate consistent and accurate messaging.

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