MAD Week launches Pop-Up events on the big issues facing marketers

MAD Week launches Pop-Up events on the big issues facing marketers

Held over breakfast, lunch or late afternoon drinks the MAD Week Pop Up Events will bring world leading experts to the floor to share practical insights on the big issues facing marketers in the digital landscape.

Programmatic Buying Programmatic Buying is a hot topic that has set marketer’s tongues wagging – but what exactly is it and how will it change the way marketers and advertisers do business?

Join leading industry experts like Cameron King, Commercial Head of Platforms and Products at News Corp Australia to get a run down on programmatic 101 and how to utilise programmatic as part of your multichannel communication strategy at the Programmatic Buying Pop-Up Event, taking place from 3pm – 6pm on Monday 28th July 2014. Social and Mobile Marketing

As the digital customer continues to evolve, brands can no longer afford to ignore the power of social and mobile channels in reaching and engaging customers.

But keeping on trend with customers and being able to measure and prove the ROI of social and mobile marketing strategies is sometimes easier said than done.

Join David Fairfull, Managing Partner at We Are Social, Michael Betteridge, General Manager of Marketing at Wotif and Corin Dimopoulos, Chief Marketing Officer at 21st Century Fox at the Social and Mobile Pop-Up Event from 7am to 9am on Tuesday 28th July 2014, to explore and discuss the strategies and tools needed to effectively use social and mobile channels to reach the new age customer.

Customer Journey Mapping customer experience is the new battle line and smart companies are utilising customer journey mapping to ensure their push to customer centricity is data driven and goes beyond marketing into the core functions of the business.

Taking place from 4pm – 6pm on Wednesday 30th July, the Customer Journey Mapping Pop-Up Event explores how marketers can build a holistic view of their customers and the strategies needed to build and implement a successful framework for the customer journey across your business.

According to Cameron King, the pop-up events at MAD week offer a great opportunity for the industry to come together and explore some of the major challenges facing marketers, advertisers and media.

“The MAD Week Pop-Up Events provide a very rare collection of people who come together to discuss and deal with some of the bigger issues that the industry faces.

It’s a rare opportunity to see all ships rise and gain a collective understanding of new developments, new opportunities, new formats, new technologies and new applications for business,” he said.

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