Lotame’s Luke Dickens Predicts The Digital Advertising Landscape For 2022

Lotame’s Luke Dickens Predicts The Digital Advertising Landscape For 2022

Luke Dickens (Pictured above), managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Lotame, has revealed his top predictions of what’s in store for digital advertising in 2022.

To say the digital advertising landscape has changed over the course of a year is an incredible understatement.

Digital players have made drastic moves to address consumer privacy concerns, transforming this fluid industry with a domino effect of changes.

Of course, with these changes has come an abundance of challenges and opportunities to pay attention to.

Social Shakes Things Up

A domino effect of tech giants ushering in a new reality for social media marketing by way of constrained app monetisation.

The consistent 10-30 per cent annual growth of tech giants which we’ve come to expect might experience a small hiccup in 2022.

While this isn’t a world-ending scenario for tech behemoths, all eyes will be on how they adapt to the search advertising pivots that are currently taking place.

Opportunities for brands involved in VR and the new “metaverse” have new realms of opportunity which could far supersede past normalised growth metrics.

Small Independent Publishers Will Finally Be Heard

Rather boldly, Dickens forecasts that even though third-party cookies will disappear that doesn’t mean third-party data will.

He also contends that the move toward first-party data can’t be a solution for smaller publishers who don’t have enough data to scale.

While he sees this as being a catalyst for small publishers to speak up, invariably they will suffer from having too small a data ecosystem to enrich and extend their audiences with new technologies.

Identity Partners Stop Infighting

Perhaps slightly overzealous in his optimism about ID solution providers making peace, Dickens does rightly see ID solutions as invaluable for publisher monetisation in 2022.

Companies should put down their arms and squarely focus on the common goal of giving the consumer transparency and control to make everything more efficient.

While the growth of companies in the identity arena is almost assured, Dickens vision of identity vendors, publishers and marketers putting down their arms might be nothing more than a pipe dream.

While marketers have plenty to consider, Dickens concludes that while the ad tech industry is fragmented in some places, where we stand together and stay at odds over the course of this year will determine our collective futures.

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