Australian Director Kyra Bartley Proves Love Knows No Boundaries This Valentine’s Day

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We’ve all heard the words, yet the images that saturate mainstream media still heavily reinforce a narrow depiction of hetero-normative love, largely ignoring the diversity of genders, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and other differences that make love such a glorious, messy and beautiful adventure.

This Valentine’s Day, Australian director Kyra Bartley invited celebrated artists, illustrators and animators from around the world to contribute to the creation of Love Is Love, a provocative and collaborative animation project celebrating the beauty of unconditional love. Stitched together, each artwork represents one frame of a chaotic animation loop showcasing inclusivity in all its forms.

“With heartbreak, confusion and shouty news articles filling our feeds, we’ll take all the love we can get,” says Bartley. “So this Valentine’s Day, when saccharine representations of storybook romance threaten to overtake common sense, we’ll be splashing our corner of the internet with a celebration of love in all its forms.”

Proving love knows no boundaries, be it race, gender or religion, artists such as Max Prentis from London, Lauren YS from the United States and Nanami Cowdroy from Australia, have come together to portray what love means to them. Produced by Heckler’s head of production Aborah Buick, the film is set to a striking soundtrack by ARIA nominated Australian composer Johnny Mackay (Fascinator, Children Collide).

Buick said: “It’s been a real pleasure working with Kyra on this absolutely beautiful project. With so much discourse in Australia around marriage equality, I think it’s a timely reminder that all love is equal, beautiful and worthy of acknowledgement.”

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Concept & Direction: Kyra Bartley
Head of Production: Aborah Buick
Music by: Johnny Mackay

Contributing Artists
Natalia Navarra
Adriana Siciliano
Daniel Amdemichael
Dahlia Visconti
Ashutosh Tiwari
Brenon Conn
Han Van den Abbeele
Ashly Lovett
Andrew Holmes
Tash Jackson
Rob Byers
Lilly Miranda perrott
Merike Hess
Nomi Chi
Eve or Evelyn
Scott Williams
Felicia Von Zombie
Simon Robson
Jeremy Carlen
Erik Svetoft
Jan van Dyk
Ky MoodieJan van Dyk
Ky Moodie
Lauren Ami
Max Brown
Xaviera Lopez
Juppi Juppsen
Sonia Kretschmar
Alex Naughton
Lauren YS
Paul McNulty
Dom Aldis
Matt Canning
Preethi Nair
Sandy Cohen
Yelena Yafe
Karolina Czabaj
Max PrentisDiane Shaher

Greg Constantaras
Nena Salobir
Leticia Monroe
Nelly Grusell
Russell Tate
Hayden King
Sophie Partridge
Marco Giacobbe
Joe Perkins
Enggarn Pujana
Jo Fong
Patu Phan
Paul Garland
Carla Uriate
Alexey Goncharov (Vaderiscool)
Shane Miranda
Alexandra (Pookie) Jones
Lachlan Phillips
Marta Zafra
Shaun Leong Williams
David Samuel Adams Pack
Mike Creighton
Tom Toro
James Gulliver Hancock
Paul Carpenter
James Boast
Carly Ealey
Chloe Tse
Nicolas Asaznarez
Mauricio Poveda
Celia de Lago
Raquel Vitorelo
Eleena Bakerie
Ailie Banks

Lauren Esplin

Waiton Fong
Juan Andrés Castañeda
Jan Van Dijk
Xandria Sink
Edwina White
Ivan Lopez
Gerhard Human
Nicholas Forman
Tina Jiang
Kade Marsili
Mert Tugen
Maggie Ivy
Nanami Cowdroy
Artbyisp (Izy Kali)
Chuong Vu
Jacqui Hudson
Lisa (gif)
Kentaro Yoshida
Carla Uriate
Dave Homer
Hala Saad
Holger Gutknecht
Maisara Mazuin
Dirty Bandits
Sonya Han
Rimantas Pocius
Eddy Taylor
Ally Messer


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