Kyle Slams For Trying To Make Him Look Like A “F*cking A*sehole”

Kyle Slams For Trying To Make Him Look Like A “F*cking A*sehole”

Radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands has accused of spreading lies after an article appeared Wednesday evening saying his radio show was “tricking listeners” by replaying old content.

“I can’t stand lies,” he said on this morning’s Kyle & Jackie O show on KIIS1065. “When they’re lying and trying to cause trouble last night on saying we ‘trick listeners’ and trying to make us look like fucking arseholes. And we’re not. We’re just normal people.”

Sandilands’ comments referred to a story published last night on, saying the rehashing of content was becoming an “all too familiar story” with the radio program. The duplicate content was aired because Sandilands had called in sick.

A spokesperson for the Australian Radio Network – the radio company behind KIIS – said it was standard practice to replay ‘best of’ moments.

“All broadcast media will, at times, replay entertaining content that audiences have loved and this may include individual segments or be part of a ‘Best of’ show,” the spokesperson said.

“Some elements of today’s show had aired previously, this was due to Kyle being unwell and a short turn around to get the show to air at 6am.”

Sandilands responded to the article on his show this morning, saying was just trying to get him to look like a “fucking arsehole” and that the News Corp publication was just spreading lies. He said his frequent sick days were because he was still struggling with the death of his father.

“I know I wasn’t here yesterday and we had to do some replays,” he said.

“I’m sick and tired of reading things in the newspapers that are outright lies even when they contact me for a comment, I might as well not even answer because they just write what they want to anyway.

“It’s tough when you read things online. Online news writers at start accusing us of ‘tricking listeners’ and ‘Kyle’s chucking sickies’.”

And then he thought, he shouldn’t be ashamed for missing his father, and while he loves his job, some days he “just can’t do the fun”.

“Don’t let this bullshit be said by haters who just want to fill everyone with lies.”

However, a follow up article on said the writer, Matt Young, didn’t have issue with the sick days, rather the fact the show allegedly didn’t make reference to the fact it was a ‘best of’ show, of which Sandilands didn’t address in this morning’s segment.

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