JCDecaux IinSCENTivises Donations For Big Aussie Barbie In Media First Campaign

JCDecaux IinSCENTivises Donations For Big Aussie Barbie In Media First Campaign

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia’s ‘SCENTsational’ new Outdoor campaign is snagging donations using the irresistible smell and sound of the iconic Aussie Barbie.

Created in partnership with JCDecaux and Cloudmaker Consulting, the campaign combines Tap and Go technology with scent and sound in an Australian media-first to promote Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia’s (PCFA) annual ‘Big Aussie Barbie’ and raise money for prostate cancer research, awareness and support.

Harnessing the irresistible smell of sizzling snags, the campaign features a custom-built Citylights panel featuring a Tap and Go payment system that rewards donations by releasing a fried onion sausage sizzle scent, along with the sound of crackling snags. To further enhance engagement, the panel depicts a glowing image of a big BBQ featuring animated hot embers to grab the attention of passers-by.

“Outdoor is the only medium that can offer a fully immersive experience like this,” said Alan Klein, head of creative solutions, JCDecaux.

“Using all five senses has definitely put the ‘sizzle’ into this campaign and we are certain it will resonate – who could resist?”

Sarah Lowe, director, Cloudmaker Consulting, added, “Out-of-home provides the perfect opportunity to reach a larger audience, while also delivering a uniquely engaging activation that actively encourages instant donations to improve overall campaign effectiveness.

“Working together, we developed a fantastic result combining scent, sound, special printing and Tap and Go technology in a unique media first.”

Associate Professor Anthony Lowe, chief executive officer of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia said, “During International Prostate Cancer month in September, we are running our annual national fundraising and awareness campaign – The Big Aussie Barbie.

“This year’s campaign aims to generate awareness of prostate cancer and also raise vital funds to provide information and support to the 200,000 men and their families affected by the disease.”

The unique scent and sound releasing Tap and Go panel is located in the heart of Sydney’s Martin Place until 5 September delivering high foot-traffic and unbeatable dwell time to ensure engagement and most importantly donations. To ensure Big Aussie Barbies are hosted across the country, the campaign is supported by the broadcast power of JCDecaux Citylights in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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