Jane Huxley: Privacy is generational

Jane Huxley: Privacy is generational

With the updated privacy laws introduced last week on March 12, the notion of privacy was a hot topic among the panel on what’s next in the digital realm.

Speaking within a panel at the Ad:Tech conference at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel yesterday afternoon, Jane Huxley (pictured), managing director of Pandora in Australia and New Zealand, believes the notion of privacy is “somewhat generational”.

“We may be the last generation of people who really believe privacy exists,” she said. “I do think privacy will be dead in ten years time.”

“Whilst I think there’s an element of concern around governments intervening in privacy, I also believe the data [collected] can be used for good.”

Citing examples from her children she notes how the unflattering photo on Facebook which you should have taken down before a job interview, won’t matter in the future as the person chugging beer in the next photo when they were 16 will probably be your employer.

Commenting on the updated privacy laws that put a high emphasis on the collection of personal information, Alice Manners, CEO of IAB said: “Everything that they’ve [the laws] have put into place is something a smart marketer would already be doing.

“It’s about understanding the data, it’s about understanding where you’re getting that information.”

Manners explains how the laws about transparency and there’s “nothing too scary about it”.

Read more about the new laws here.

Another issue raised was the amount of data that is already out there, and questioning how well we are equipped to deal with currently what we have, let alone in five years time.

“Not wanting to dampen the enthusiasm around all the technology, but from a marketing perspective it’s a big challenge,” Manners said.

“Measurement at the moment is bloody hard and it’s expensive for us to get there.”

Manners believes the way forward is to have some sort of measurement platform that falls across all the other measurement platforms, forming a concise measuring system for what’s next.

However, she realises this is very difficult to do and no one really has an answer yet.

Furthering on the discussion of where digital could be going in the future, Huxley from internet radio streaming company, Pandora, placed much of her excitement on the rise of the “connected car”.

The thought that we are able to stream music from our phones to our car, and the furthering of technology to one enable a driver-less car has Huxley professing her love for the internet and technology.

Eventually Huxley believes eventually we will have some form of an “iPad or Android on wheels”.

Aside from Huxley and Manners, Jon Lawrence, executive officer of Electronic Frontiers Australia, David Holmes, CEO of AIMIA and Oliver Weidlich, founder and director of design and innovation at Mobile Experience were also on the panel.

From the panel: OMFG, What Next? Prognostciations on 2014 at Ad:Tech .

The media and marketing conference is being held 18-19 March, 2014 at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel 18-19 of March, 2014.

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