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“It’s Not Something You Can Train For”: Andy Lee On His New Gameshow, The Cube

“It’s Not Something You Can Train For”: Andy Lee On His New Gameshow, The Cube

10 and Win Network’s newest game show, The Cube, launches on Wednesday 24 February at 7.30 AEDT. B&T spoke to host Andy Lee about what sets The Cube apart.

The Cube is really quite a literal name – the game show takes place in a 4m x 4m x 4m Perspex cube, where contestants complete a range of tasks for the chance to win $250,000.

While the tasks seem simple, like bouncing a ball into a bucket or walking in a specific pattern along a light up floor, both stakes and stress levels are high. The Cube’s combination of skill and memory games is what sets it apart from other game shows according to Lee, who is both host and executive producer on the show.

“Most game shows are about general knowledge – really, trivia – or chance. I can’t think of too many shows that are testing every skill set. It’s not something you can overly train for.”

“They’re all very doable games, it’s just whether you can do them in the moment. I think the show is more about the pressure, and how people cope.”

Part of the appeal is the inherent accessibility of the show, Lee says.

“The game is designed so you can sit at home and go: “I could do that.” And you could, it’s just whether you could do it with a quarter of a million dollars on the line.”

“You don’t have to be able to sing, you don’t have to be able to cook, you don’t have to build anything – but you’ve still got just as good a chance to make a quarter of a million bucks.”

The show is Lee’s first solo hosting gig after almost 20 years of radio work with The Hamish & Andy Show co-host and best friend Hamish Blake. The duo has also worked in TV since 2004 and is particularly known for the Caravan Of Courage and Gap Year series.

Lee described the role of executive producer as one he loves returning to.

“I like seeing all the nuts and bolts of these sorts of things…It was also a chance for me to put my tone into the show from the outset.”

While hosting alone “didn’t feel too foreign”, he found that he felt the absence of Blake most during the downtime.

“Normally Hamish and I are mucking around…or in the ad breaks making each other laugh. So yeah, not having my best mate around during that was definitely different.”

The Cube is based on a British show called The Million Pound Cube. There are a number of international versions, including Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

In Lee’s opinion, the chaos of the last year also had an impact on the players.

“Something interesting I found is that in a post-COVID climate, the money certainly meant more to people. I think people were far less flippant with their decisions, which we found interesting – and nice.”

“I certainly found myself really barracking hard for people to win. Five grand, and ten grand, generally isn’t normally a lot in gameshow type speak, but it feels like a lot in this game.”

The Cube will premiere on Channel 10 at 7.30 on Wednesday.

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