Infographic: Australia’s 10 Best Restaurant Review Sites

Infographic: Australia’s 10 Best Restaurant Review Sites

Found a grub in a restaurant salad? Got in a fight with a catty waiter? Or, has the whole place caught fire while you dined around i? Well, there’s only one place to vent about your dining experience – or praise it – and that, of course, is restaurant review sites.

In this handy infographic, search marketing firm Octos has studied and reviewed, what it believes, are the 10 best restaurant review sites in Australia.

An Octos spokesperson said of its research: “Today, food-lovers use the internet as the primary source to search for restaurants and cafes. With this, the choice they make is influenced by the search engine results and reviews a restaurant has gained.

“You might have a purely functional website for your restaurant, but if it doesn’t earn you a considerable amount of visitors, you are likely to lose a significant proportion of the customer base online. In that case, you can hire an SEO expert to help you list your restaurant on popular business listing platforms witnessing high footfall traffic ratio.”

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