Host/Havas’ Ant Melder Champions New Healthcare Initiative

Host/Havas’ Ant Melder Champions New Healthcare Initiative

Host/Havas executive creative director Ant Melder (pictured above, left) has joined forces with Dr Robert Hackett (pictured above, right) and the PatientSafe Network to help drive forward a breakthrough initiative around patient safety.

Supported by Host/Havas, the initiative has a dynamic approach to problem-solving, aiming to implement ideas that make hospitals as safe as possible.

The initiative has launched following a finding from the British Medical Journal that medical error is the third biggest cause of death, after disease and stroke.

Exact figures are difficult to confirm due to lack of transparency, however, World Health Organisation data shows that communication errors are the root cause of the majority of adverse events in hospitals.

Working as agitators for change, the team developed a concept to improve communication and reduce mistakes in hospitals and theatres. The idea was simple: have healthcare professionals write their name and role on their scrub cap.

The simplicity of the idea meant that the team didn’t require millions of dollars to put it together or have to wait years to conduct research and trials.

A group of doctors and medical staff in Australia took part, changing the culture from anonymous to accountable, with potential confusion dramatically reduced through clearer communication and collaboration.

The hashtag #theatrecapchallenge has already generated social media discussion.

“The idea is a great example of simple and creative problem-solving for a major worldwide issue,” Melder said.

“I’m proud to be playing a role in helping spread the word about #theatrecapchallenge and the patient safety movement in general. We are aiming to help implement many more patient safety ideas, so watch this space.”

Hackett added: “It’s been fantastic to work with Ant and leverage his industry expertise to help drive forward what has become a global movement. The results speak for themselves.

“Frontline staff are becoming increasingly aware that changes for improved patient care will need to be driven from the front line. We will continue to put our efforts towards improving communication, collaboration and safety in healthcare in the months to come.”

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