Here’s What Top Dogs In The Industry Reckon Is Going To Happen This Year

Here’s What Top Dogs In The Industry Reckon Is Going To Happen This Year

No need to consult the tea leaves to see what lies ahead for 2016! Instead B&T’s rounded up Australia’s top ad and brand experts to gaze into their crystal ball. Here are their big predictions for the next 12 months…


If the recent announcement by the Royal Bank of Scotland heralding an impending Global Financial Crisis has any truth, then we’re going to need to find ways of coping with the uncertainty that it creates. I believe people will increasingly turn to the soothing qualities of the natural world in order to de-stress and reconnect with what really matters.

One piece of evidence pointing toward this emerging desire to have a more direct relationship with our flora and fauna is the surprise success of author Lars Mytting’s best-selling book: Norwegian Wood – Chopping, Stacking and Drying Wood the Scandinavian Way – snappy title, Lars. So whether it’s bushwalking, ocean swimming and felling trees on the weekend, or surrounding ourselves with natural materials in the workplace, we’re going to increasingly seek out a visual and physical connection with nature.

Fortunately embracing this trend will be good for business too. Did you know it’s proven that simply having a view of trees while you work can make you calmer and more productive?

Nicole Taylor, managing director, DDB Sydney

As growth in Australia in any sector, category or industry, is difficult for our clients to achieve, the need for more lateral thinking and “unreasonable” ideas will be more important than ever. There will be more scrutiny around digital and social as our clients (and the ideas community in general) all become more sophisticated in this space and ask more questions. 

The level of transparency will increase and clients won’t feel so vulnerable in understanding its value. The most strategic and “long” ideas will again prove to be the most valuable. It won’t be a question of exposure or immediate likes. It will be about legitimate business building ideas again. The great, smart agencies who value strategy the most, will be the winners.

Lucy Ibrahmi, managing director, PlayComms

This is the year brands begin to take back control of the customer journey. For too long organisations have been at the mercy of customers’ unpredictable and unmanageable buying behaviour. They’ve watched helplessly as they use new tools and technologies to call the shots when it comes to deciding when, where and how to shop.

But now the smart companies are realising they need to proactively lead customers on their journeys rather than try and follow them. Instead of simply trying to be in the right place at the right time, companies
will create tailored, customised and contextual paths to purchase. These will circumnavigate external distractions and complexities and direct customers seamlessly from one stage to the next.

The best brands will be building better experiences with intuitive pathways that lead to more transactions and happier customers.

Adam Ferrier, global chief strategy officer, Cummins&Partners

People tend to overestimate rates of change. This year will be pretty much like last year.

Things change slowly and gradually unless something seismic happens in society like a World War or the invention of the Internet.

We’ve got way more tidbits for you to sink your teeth into in the latest issue of our magazine. You can grab a copy here, or just wander into our office in Sydney and we’ll hand you one with a smile.

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