Four Things You Didn’t Know About The B&T Awards 2016!

Four Things You Didn’t Know About The B&T Awards 2016!

B&T Awards might seem ages away, what with the Ministry of Sports Marketing and Women in Media still ahead of the awards, but believe us when we tell you it’ll creep up fast. The fantastic celebration will be held on November 19 at Sydney Town Hall this year, and tickets are out the door!

So to prepare you for the excitement, merriment and festive occasion that is the 2016 B&T Awards, we’ve got three fun – and little-known facts – to share with you this fine Friday.

             1. You can submit a video entry for online entries

Yes, that’s right. While previously we have not accepted a video as an entry submission, this year we’re moving into a new era and saying YES to video.

But it’s only applicable for ‘other’ categories that are submitted entirely online. All Agency of the Year categories still require submission in hard copy format. Please follow instructions closely via the criteria document. Videos can run for up to eight minutes maximum.

However, if you choose to submit your award entry via video, you must include all the usual written components to accompany it – think of it like the script of your video.

This ensures that if judges need to compare entries or quickly check part of your entry, they don’t need to re-watch the entire video and can quickly compare notes using your written element.

            2. We no longer accept DVDs

If you’ve included DVD components in your entry before, or you want to share clips of your work with the judges, DVDs are no longer accepted as the way to do so. Please use USBs like normal, modern-day people.

BUT, this only applies to the ‘Agency of the Year’ categories, where you need to accompany your hard copy submission with digital examples of work.

            3. There’s four new Agency of the Year categories, AND a new ‘other’ award category:

In case you missed our ‘new category’ series last week, here’s everything you need to know about the five fresh new awards you could potentially win.

4. There’s just 28 days left to submit your on-time entry (35 if you wanna pay that late fee)

That means there’s around 672 hours, or 40320 minutes left, to formulate and perfect your winning entry. Don’t mess around kids. If you fancy finding out what exactly the judges are looking for from entrants, follow their hot tips here.

Tickets for this year’s B&T Awards can be found here, and all other info is hanging about on the website here.

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