Five Core Requirements For Effective Real-Time Marketing

Five Core Requirements For Effective Real-Time Marketing

Marketing software company Teradata has identified five core requirements for effective real-time marketing. Grab a few tips here.

In today’s competitive and connected marketplace, consumers increasingly expect communications from businesses to be personalised, targeted, and timely. Getting messaging to the customer at precisely the right time can be challenging. Real-time interaction marketing (RTIM) can give marketers the power to achieve this.

Effective real-time marketing communications need to be personal, relevant, and one-on-one with consumers. This means that messaging has to be perfectly timed with an individual’s actions in the real world or online to be relevant and appropriate.

Simon Bowker, TeradataArea director for the Asia Pacific marketing applications division said: “A lot of companies are flying blind when it comes to timely messaging. They might be creating great content but if it never hits the audience at the best time, it remains ineffective. This is why RTIM solutions are becoming increasingly important for marketers to deliver the best message to the target audience at the most appropriate time.”

RTIM software leverages large amounts of information on individual customers to work out precisely what content is relevant at a particular moment via a specific channel. This means that marketing content can be delivered in a consistent and integrated way across different channels.

Teradata Marketing has identified the five core requirements for RTIM platforms:

1. Recognise customers across multiple channels and devices.

2. Understand current activity by contextualising with a customer’s history.

3. Determine the appropriate message, offer, or call to action.

4. Orchestrate content delivery across multiple digital and offline channels.

5. Capture interaction data for measurement and optimisation.

Bowker said: “None of us wants to be bombarded all the time by inappropriate marketing content. Applied correctly and implemented with the right partner, the technical capabilities of an RTIM solution will let companies get their message out there in a way that is both welcome and useful for consumers.”

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