Faulkner Media Management Rebrands Under Ebiquity Banner

Faulkner Media Management Rebrands Under Ebiquity Banner

Faulkner Media Management (FMM) has re-branded as Ebiquity and has moved in with Ebiquity’s existing Ad Intel business.

The company formerly known as FMM is one of Asia-Pacific’s largest independent media consultancies. Established by Eric Faulkner in 1988, its team of thirty media professionals provide advice, coaching support, training and unique media benchmarking services to more than 100 clients across seven countries in South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

In October 2011, FMM became part of the global media consultancy Ebiquity. This provided FMM with access to Ebiquity’s worldwide resources. It also strengthened Ebiquity’s geographic reach, adding Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to its operations in the US, UK and Europe.

Over the last three years, FMM has been working increasingly closely with their sister Ad Intelligence Company in Australia, which is also owned by Ebiquity. And several new and unique products have been developed as a result of that collaboration.

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