Fanta’s ‘Taste Like’ Campaign Pulled For Marketing To Children

Fanta’s ‘Taste Like’ Campaign Pulled For Marketing To Children

The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) has found a Fanta TV ad breached industry guidelines by advertising the fizzy orange drink to children.

The Fanta ‘Tastes Like’ campaign included a cartooned Fanta Crew who compared drinking Fanta to an “awesome ride, a “bubble explosion” and “busting out to my favourite beats”.

Coca-Cola responded to the complaints that the TVC is directly targeting children by arguing:

“The FANTA Crew have been drawn to represent 17 year olds…The Crew are visually depicted as older teens by their body shapes, hairstyles, wardrobe, facial expressions, body language, gestures, accessories and ‘tools of play’ (such as beat blankets, electric guitars and skateboards) – all designed to reflect older teen culture with 15 – 17 year old appeal.”

The ASB had a different view:

“In the Board’s view the cartoon characters are intended to represent young teenagers and in the Board’s view based on their own experiences with young children and teenagers, these representations are more likely to appeal to younger children who aspire to be teenagers and would consider teenagers as role models rather than being of stronger specific interest to teenagers.

“The Board noted the language used, specifically ‘awesome ride’ and ‘bubble explosion’, ‘yeah’…this simple language spoken in child-like tones would be of principal appeal to younger children.”

The Fanta ‘Tastes Like’ campaign will no longer be broadcasted in Australia.

Coca-Cola responded to the determination: “We do not design marketing communications in a way that directly appeals to children under 12, nor do we place advertising in media which has more than a 35 per cent audience composed of children.

“We are therefore disappointed that the ASB has found that the FANTA Tastes Like television commercial, through its themes, visuals and language, is primarily directed to children. This decision is not reflective of our intention. We respect, however, the decision of the ASB and undertake not to broadcast in the TVC in Australia going forward.”

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