How Brands Can Tap Into Aussie & Kiwis Emotions: Facebook Research

How Brands Can Tap Into Aussie & Kiwis Emotions: Facebook Research

Facebook and TNS Australia (B&T Awards 2016 nominee) have investigated how Australians and New Zealanders present themselves on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, turns out there are six different types of consumer identities which creatives can use to really establish a connection.

TNS had 58 conversations and 1,200 surveys with Facebook and Instagram users in Australia and New Zealand to investigate the emotional drivers of behaviours. But why did they do it? “In terms of research there was a hole in our understanding,” Tom Dowuona-Hyde, Creative Agency Partner at Facebook Australia and New Zealand told B&T.

“We understand what people do on Facebook, the things they like, but we didn’t have that knowledge in terms of their behaviours. Which I think is most important, especially from the point of view of a creative agency because the world of building brands is understanding human behaviour.”

“If you know how a person wants to be seen on Facebook by the world (their sense of identity, their sense of humour, what they value), that’s really rich stuff that brands can tap into to build a brand. Not only can you get a direct response or sell a product, but to make people fall in love with your brand,” said Ryan France executive director – brand and communications insights at TNS Australia.

“This can really help brands form a creative brief, in terms of the tone-of voice and certain insights we can pull from this research. This also helps in terms of landing those quirky and interesting ideas. What we’ve seen over the past 10 years is the industry and clients have become more risk-adverse because the nature of measurabilities and data.

“This research gives creatives the ability to sell big ideas, because you have evidence to prove the nature of the quirkiness. With this you can look at what type of audience you want to reach, how they behave, the content they like. You can use it as a selling-in tool to get big ideas off the ground,” Dowuona-Hyde said.

There are six distinct modes that Facebook and Instagram users interact with the platform: daring, assertive, clever, security-seeking, friendly and playful. The idea is if brands are aware of the emotional needs they themselves satisfy, brands can they present an identity to make a personal connection with consumers.


daring connectors

How brands can speak on a DARING level:

  • TAILOR CONTENT TO ME: Bold one-liners; Outspoken; Punchy and to the point
  • TEACH ME: Different; Non-conformist ideas; Unusual exploits and adventures
  • MAKE ME CARE: Provocative content; Opinions and ideas that aren’t mainstream; Take a stand


assertive connectors

How brands can speak on a ASSERTIVE level:

  • TAILOR CONTENT TO ME: Confident and assertive, make me feel superior
  • TEACH ME: Thought-leadership
  • MAKE ME CARE: Strong point of view; Be on top of your game


clever connectors

How brands can speak on a CLEVER level:

  • TAILOR CONTENT TO ME: Succinct and minimalist; witty one-liners; rational
  • TEACH ME: Intellectual learnings; Models for success; Discerning information
  • MAKE ME CARE: Current events; Thought-provoking ideas; Sharing knowledge


security seeking connectors

How brands can speak on a SECURITY-SEEKING level:

  • TAILOR CONTENT TO ME: Uncomplicated; Reassuring; supportive, emotive
  • TEACH ME: Feel-good stories; Helpful and inspiring ideas; pull at my heart-strings
  • MAKE ME CARE: Inspirational quotes; advocacy for a cause; human interest


friendly connectors

How brands can speak on a FRIENDLY level:

  • TAILOR CONTENT TO ME: Straight-forward; Conversational; Unpretentious and open
  • TEACH ME: Everyday inspiration; fun activities, events and hobbies, social focus
  • MAKE ME CARE: Good-humoured, environment and openness, sharing of stories and events.

PLAYFULPlayful connectors

How brands can speak on a PLAYFUL level:

  • TAILOR CONTENT TO ME: Playful and cheeky; Not taking myself too seriously
  • TEACH ME: Pop culture, discovery, new trends
  • MAKE ME CARE: Fun, silly, colourful images; social moments; up-to-date info


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