Education And CX The Key For Adara Down Under

Education And CX The Key For Adara Down Under

Travel data aggregator Adara has highlighted educating the Australian market and modest but strategic growth as its prime goals in the next year.

The company, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California now has around 200 employees in 19 offices worldwide and while the US and Europe remain the nexus of operations, growth in the Asia Pacific region is a longer term target.

Speaking to B&T in Sydney this week, visiting president media and CMO Elizabeth Harz said that the Australian market was a key part of Adara’s operations.

“Although we are relatively new to this country, it is very important for us to make a long term commitment,” Harz said.

Adara has also this month welcomed its 100th business partner, meaning it is drawing data from an ever-widening pool.

“By utilising end-to-end data our partners are taken through the whole customer journey, not just part of it. This means that they can make informed decisions and talk to the right audiences,” Harz added.

The recent development of two products, the Traveller Value Score (TVS), which gives travellers a score from 0 to 800 based on data Adara collects, and Impact, which both identifies and measures digital media sources, allowing marketers to accurately gauge where they should invest, are other exciting developments according to Harz.

“An interesting outcome of analysing TVS results is that we can now better inform creativity when trying to engage a particular audience,” Harz said.

Impact, meanwhile, makes use of analytics in ways not seen before, Harz explains.

“We can accurately measure media activity against the engagement. This helps destination marketers make thoroughly informed decisions on budget and, importantly, spot opportunities that might be overlooked.”


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