Earth Choice Launches ‘Behind The Curtain’ Campaign Via Communicado

Earth Choice Launches ‘Behind The Curtain’ Campaign Via Communicado

Australian environmentally-friendly cleaning brand, Earth Choice, has launched its ‘Behind the Curtain’ campaign to inspire consumers to make a better choice for our planet.

The campaign was developed via Communicado and brought to life by Director, Lou Quill, to build awareness of the Earth Choice brand and its range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Brand manager for Natures Organics, Brent Vrdoljak said: “Our aim was to develop a campaign which not only puts Earth Choice back on the radar but also inspires consumers to make a better choice.

“The Earth Choice brand was established in the early 80’s. It has authentic environmental credentials having pioneered green approaches to kitchen, bathroom and laundry product, packaging and processes for decades.

“Each bottle of Earth Choice product contains high performing formulations sourced from natural elements, is non-toxic, cruelty-free and uses recycled plastic. We offer an affordable and genuine alternative for consumers looking for a better outcome for their homes and the environment.”

Communicado account director Eliza Mielczarek said: “With such a compelling proposition, we saw an opportunity to develop a campaign beyond the category norm.

“For many of us, facing environmental issues can feel overwhelming but small acts multiplied by millions can make a drastic difference. We wanted to inspire curiosity when inviting our audience to consider their everyday impact and explore the idea that it can be so easy to make more ethical choices,” says Eliza Mielczarek.

Featuring a 30” TVC and 15” TVC cut-down, the ‘Behind the Curtain’ campaign takes the audience on a journey of discovery toward the truth of toxic petrochemicals and the use of plastics.

Directed by Lou Quill, the TVC opens on a little girl’s innocent question, wondering what happens to all the bubbles that froth up in our chemical cleaners. Her curiosity leads us to peak ‘behind the curtain’ hiding the environmental damage and toxic waste which has been out of sight and out of mind.

Director Lou Quill said: “The visual metaphors used in this campaign illustrate our daily denial surrounding our environment. Like Alice in Wonderland, the narrative follows the waste pipe system which spurs us toward discovery and truth, and bubbles that create a sense of game and play which further amplifies that we are all playing with the future of our planet.”

Consumedia will drive awareness through a broadcast strategy across the Channel Seven network, Catch Up TV and a series of 6” bumper ads on YouTube.

The campaign will be further amplified with a social media and influencer strategy developed by Communicado.

Campaign Production Credits: 

Client – Natures Organics

Agency – Communicado

Production – The Producers

Director – Lou Quill

Post-Production – Pancho Studio

Music – Gusto Studio

Media – Consumedia & Half Dome Digital

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