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Digital Media Wastage Slashed With New Tech Just Launched

Digital Media Wastage Slashed With New Tech Just Launched

Advertisers can significantly cut their digital media spend and improve conversion rates by more effectively targeting customers across their devices at scale with innovative new technology being launched exclusively in Australia by media and marketing technology consultancy Louder. It’s called Screen6.

Screen6 enables advertisers to efficiently engage with consumers regardless of their location or their device of choice, improving the segmentation, targeting and reporting of users rather than the devices they use, whilst retaining the advertiser’s ownership and control of their first party data.

Nine out of ten people use multiple connected devices throughout the day switching as many as 21 times an hour, leaving a trace of digital breadcrumbs. Research recently released by performance marketing technology company Criteo which analysed 1.4 billion online transactions found that 50 percent of purchases worldwide now involve multiple devices throughout the consumer buying journey. And a study at the end of 2014 by the US-based Association of National Advertisers of 20,000 campaigns found only 59 per cent of digital impressions reached the intended audience.

Ad-tech vendors who rely on up-to-date information on their audience struggle to get insights into this type of behaviour, instead relying on cookies that were made for a single device world.

Unlike other vendors that have to depend on the sharing of data between companies to infer cross device user matching, Screen6 analyses first party data directly from its partners.

The Screen6 solution means audiences can be more effectively targeted by advertisers resulting in significant media savings or improvements in conversions, as well as generating more accurate unique reach and frequency data across marketing campaigns. In addition, Screen6 offers improved remarketing efficiencies when trying to remarket to audiences who have already converted on other devices and creative optimisation where users can be presented with appropriate messages based on their cross device customer journey rather than their single device path.

Louder, which was founded in 2014 by Andrew Hughes (pictured above), the former head of technology at Interpublic-owned Mediabrands Australia, has struck an exclusive agreement with the Netherlands-based Screen6 to sell its solution in the country and it will also act as a reseller in the wider APAC market.

Hughes said: “The cross device challenge affects publishers, agencies and brands equally, with wastage occurring through ineffective attribution, media targeting and reporting. Bringing globally leading technology to Australian businesses, we are looking to put to the side excuses that have been offered for ineffective performance and increased media wastage since the vast boom of mobile and tablet usage. We are delighted to partner with Screen6 to bring this technology to companies across Australia and the broader APAC region.

“Louder has consistently been committed to providing our clients with globally leading solutions, and as such we have established Louder Solutions as a separate business from our specialist consulting business Louder, to ensure that Australian brands have access to unrivalled technology such as the cross device technology from Screen6, whilst still maintaining our independent, agnostic and transparent position for our Louder Consulting clients.”

David de Jong, Screen6 CEO added: “We are very excited that Louder, in its role as a leading consulting company in APAC, has taken upon itself the role of representing Screen6 in this market. During our assessment of many leading consultants, Screen6 recognized how Louder is able to deliver the highest rate of success and support to our company and clients. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our companies.”


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