DesignCrowd Is Offering $1000 To Designers To Redesign Uber’s Logo

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Uber unveiled its new logo and branding last week and, suffice to say, it caused confusion with many divided on whether they liked it or not.

Noting the confusion crowdsourcing company DesignCrowd put the offer out to its hoard of designers to have a go at redesigning the Uber logo, offering a cool 1000 smackaroos as the prize for an Uber logo redesign contest.

Check out the gallery above for some of the entries so far.

CEO of DesignCrowd, Alec Lynch – who reckons Uber got the rebranding wrong – said they’ve already received 165 entries in the first 24 hours.

“Rebranding is not an easy thing to get right,” he said. “For a high profile and well-liked brand like Uber, it can be even harder and a dramatic change can be risky. Many of the world’s largest brands get criticised when they rebrand. Sometimes criticism of a rebrand is unfair. However, in this case, I think Uber have got it wrong.

“While Uber’s new logo, app icons and rebrand might have meaning internally, externally the change hasn’t been received well. Uber’s rebrand has attracted a lot of criticism from the public, designers and the press with comments ranging from it is ‘confusing’ to it looks like ‘pac-man’. I think the level of criticism reflects two things: one – how much people love and care about the Uber brand; and two – how wide of the mark the rebrand is.”

It’s a shame, added Lynch, as he really is a big fan of the company. More so that there would be millions of people who would have killed for the chance to redesign the company’s branding.
“If the reports are true, it’s also a shame that Uber decided to do the rebrand internally,” he said. “Maybe this is where it all went wrong.

“Either way, as a bit of fun, our website DesignCrowd is crowdsourcing new ideas for Uber by running a contest and offering $1000 to designers from around the world. We’ve already received 165 entries from our 500,000 designers in the first 24 hours and we think we’ve received at least a dozen ideas that are better than Uber’s new logo and icons.

“We’d be happy to donate a new logo to Uber if they want it.

“In the meantime, I will continue using Uber. I just won’t update the app so I can keep the old app icon.”


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