In Defence of Tony Robbins-Style Seminars

In Defence of Tony Robbins-Style Seminars

In this guest post, Sonia Majkic (pictured below), co-founder and managing director of 3 Phase Marketing, dives into the divisive cult that is Tony Robbins and, she’s happy to confess, is a huge fan…

Tony Robbins seminars can sometimes feel like a bit of a dance party – which makes sense, there is a lot of physical activity and pulsing music. From an external viewpoint this can make it look trivial or frivolous but there’s an immense amount of valuable content being delivered.


If you’re not familiar with Tony Robbins, he’s an American entrepreneur, business strategist, philanthropist, life coach and author. He gives seminars around the globe encouraging people to reach their dreams and telling them how they can do it. His seminars have gained a lot of attention over the years, due to their popularity and content but also due to the style involving a lot of physicality and theatrics. At a Tony Robbins seminar you can expect a lot of dancing, to massage your neighbours and be massaged in return, fan those in your vicinity, do aerobic exercise, pump your fists and cheer – a lot.

When I tell people that I’m going to a Tony Robbins event, I usually get one of two responses. They tell me I’ve drank from the Kool-Aid or they’ll think it’s a great idea. It’s a different style of event, that’s for sure. It can often look quite fluffy, or potentially, controversial. But in actual fact, there’s a lot scientific research to support his philosophies and the philosophy behind his style of seminar.

In regards to the physical movement – when you’re in a seminar for 9 to 15 hours per session, it’s really difficult to stay engaged. And by getting up and moving your body and becoming active, you actually generate more oxygen and more blood flow to your brain, which means that you retain the information. You retain the information for longer too.

My business partner who I went with said before we got there that she would participate in the actual seminar but wouldn’t be doing any dancing. And by the end of day one, she was right up there, moving her body and shaking her booty, because she could see the value in staying active during such an intense session.

As for the physical and verbal contact with our neighbours, it was an excellent way to break down any social discomfort and feel a sense of community with total strangers.

I’m living proof and evidence that his style of seminar works. I walked away after five days of intense coaching and learning, and I can remember all the critical information from it that I need to for my business.

Plus, the great thing about Tony Robbins is that he has so much pull – I mean he’s a personal coach of Serena Williams and his celebrity client list is very impressive – and the power to aggregate some of the best people in their chosen fields to attend his seminars and events. Those who attend, really are spoilt with the speakers at the event.

Tony Robbins want his seminars to empower those who attend to become their best visions of themselves, and he’ll implement any method to get his attendees there. When it comes to reaching my goals, I’m more than happy to dance my way there.

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